How I Killed Your Master
Big Brother The cats are watching you
Date Published Monday, July 26th, 2010
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  • Alleyways in Xiao Chengzhen


Fang LinAnd that's where Xing Ba comes in.
Liu Wong(Looking confused) This is getting complicated.
Fang LinHey, you're the one who wnadered in here without knowing 'anything about anything. You've only got yourself to blame.
Liu WongYeah, yeah. So, what's this Jing Ba want?
Fang LinXing Ba.
Liu WongHim too.
Fang LinHe's kind of a businessman. But mostly a gangster.
Every crime in the southern districts goes through him. And the places he doesn't rom pay him not to.
Fang LinMeng Qi wants the seal so he can govern the province in his uncle's stead.
General Wen wants it so he can bring order the chaos of the region so the people, and especially his family, can prosper.
And Xing Ba wants it so his criminal empire can operate above the law.
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