How I Killed Your Master
You figured that scar would've disappeared by now...
Date Published Friday, January 7, 2010
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The trio, and Wong, plan to rescue his lady friend.

Cast AppearingEdit

  • Liu Wong
  • Meng Qi
  • Brother Zhang
  • Sister Guan


  • Xiao Chengzheng


QiWe must hurry. There's no telling what Xing's men would do to find that seal for their master.
Liu WongWhere are we going?
ZhangXing Ba has safehouses throughout Xiao Chengzheng. We will simply knock them down until we find your friend!
GuanWere it only that simple, Brother Zhang.
ZhangYou're always saying that.
QiAnd she's often correct. We need not cast so wide a net as you propose.
Wong, where did Xing Ba's men accost you and Fang Lin?
ZhangAh. They'll have taken her to the safehouse closest to them!
Liu WongI'm...not sure where it happened exactly. But it was this way.
ZhangSo long as we bash a few of Xing lackeys before the night is out.
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