8-Bit Theater
Interlude 00
He's a direct descendant from Mr. Burns, you know.
He's a direct descendant from Mr. Burns, you know.
He's a Fighter, Not a Webcomic Artist
Date Published Thursday August 16th, 2001
Previous Comic Episode 068: It Sounds Like a Good Idea to Me
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We look behind the scenes to 8-Bit Theater Headquarters.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Brian Clevinger's Office Evil Lair


We now treat you to an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of 8-Bit Theater.
"Exclusive" refers to anyone who can get online.
Brian Clevinger looks at a large monitor showing the Light Warriors in Corneria. Two more monitors are either side the middle screen. The left monitor says HILARITY PROGRAM INITIATED SET TO: 8-BIT. GENERATING COMIC....._ and the right monitor says FGHTR: DUMB BMAG: EVIL THIEF: GREED RMAG: TWINK AUDIENCE IDENTIFIES... 95%
Brian Clevinger Exxxcellent
Writer's senses tingling!
Brian Clevinger Hello, I'm Brian Clevinger. You may remember me from such webcomics as 8-Bit Theater, 8-Bit Theater 2: The Revenge, and 8-Bit Theater 3: This Time It's Personal. I'm here to tell you readers about this week's comics.

You see, I'm working full time this week. We will call this 'Hell Week' because I'm in Alabama.

And Alabama is hell.

Fighter walks in.
Brian Clevinger Luckily, in a twist no one could have foreseen unless they read Family Circus, Fighter has stepped up to provide you with his own original comics.
Fighter Yo.

My comics will have swords in them, y'know.

Brian Clevinger (facepalm) Ya don't say...
Black Mage walks in.
Brian Clevinger Anyway, another advantage of this situation is that Black Mage won't have to put up with Fighter for a whole week.
Black Mage I'm so happy, I could kill something!
Fighter Well, I'm outta here. Gotta work on those comics, yo!
Fighter leaves.
Brian Clevinger Shall we?
Black Mage Let's.
Brian Clevinger and Black Mage do a fully animated dance.


Dance to it, baby!

  • This is the one of the two comics in the 8-Bit series that features a fully animated GIF, the other being Episode 1154: Epilepsy Warning, No Seriously.
  • This episode has been heavily influenced by the animated television series The Simpsons. Brian's first line is an obvious reference to Mr. Burns and his second line is a reference to Troy McClure.