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Interlude 01
A caption here is not necessary since Fighter has already done that for us
A caption here is not necessary since Fighter has already done that for us
Date Published Friday August 17th, 2001
Previous Comic Interlude 00: He's a Fighter, Not a Webcomic Artist
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In Fighter's first attempt in making a comic, he fights an evil robot.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Unknown, probably not anywhere in particular


Fighter I am the Fighter. This is my supar sword powered comic which will be so much better then Brian's dumb comic which is dumber than magic hahahahahahahaha!! !!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111
Robot I am robot. I was born to destroy the human scum that infects teh univarse!
A caption points at Fighter's second appearance in the comic says "That is me, the Fighter before but then I moved. (I did not show it)"
Fighter Arrrrrgh! Robots is not born! Theys are made in the facterys of metal and death! And that's what you will be now Robot-Brane! Your metals will be killed and dead!
Robot Human Earth man from the Earth! You you will be the one who is killed!!!!!11 My blasting eye blasters will blast shoot! You!
Caption pointing at the crossings out above says "Do not look this is my first comic! You not do so good ether on the first try!!!!!!!!!!"
Robot powers up his lazerz
Robot Look at me powers up my lazerz, puny human from Planet Stupid (I call it planet stupid becuz all the peoples are stupid on it but it is really Earth (the planet)! Ha-ha-ha!!!!!!
Caption pointing to Fighter on his side says "I am not really on my side, it is a trick of comics drawing (do not e-mail asking which one becauze I don't know! This is my first!"
Fighter Rbots think their so smrt 'cuz they gots lazers for eyes! I will sho w him who is the best!
Robot shoots Eye beams. The caption on the next 'slide' pointing to the left says "The fire-ball beam is right over there but I cannot draws it again"
Fighter Oh no! The lazer beams that come from robot eyes! What will I do!
"I (Fighter) did a back flip spinning jump!!!!!!!!!!!!"
And then I (Fighter) shoot lazers beams powered with swords (whic are also laser powered!!!!!!!!!!"
Robot 1001101... Laser sword beams do not compute! I have been difeated! But first look behind you sword master who is named Fighter!
Fighter looks behind him and spots ten Ninjas.
Fighter Ninjas?!?!?!?!?!? Curse your sneaky powers of stelth! I will like to dest roy you all!!!!!!!


  • This episode was created in a jpeg format like some of the earlier episodes. This may have been deliberate to showcase Fighter's poor ability to make comics.