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Interlude 02
Just admit it! You were actually going to write 'boobs' weren't you!?
Just admit it! You were actually going to write 'boobs' weren't you!?
Date Published Saturday August 18th, 2001
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In Fighter's second attempt in making a comic, he fights some evil ninjas.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Unknown, probably not anywhere in particular


Ninjas We are ninjas and we ooze the the power of shadows!!!
Caption pointing to the ninjas say "The shadows won't show up on this black background but they are their!"
Fighter Hahahahahaha! Stupid ninjas, you think that you are more bettar than me with fighting?!? I will slice all of you into little parts!
Ninja Boos I am the boss of the ninjas! They will fight you to the the death! (It will be your death!)
Caption pointing at the misspelling of 'boss' say "I meant to write 'boss' but I cannot undo the words"
Fighter Yaaaaaaar! All of the ninjas must diiiie!!!!!!!
Ninjas Not if you are the first one who is first to die cause of our sharp ninja blades which are on fire!!!!111
Caption here saying "I could not draw it, but you can imagine the fire (it is dangerous.)")
Ninja Boos I know my army of invincable ninjas will kill the weak Fighter because they are really big cheaters! he is doomed! Hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fighter zooms past the ninjas waving he sword about.
Fighter Ninjas are too slow for me because I move at the speed of swords--it is twice as fast as light you can look it up but I don't know where so don't ask--that is why you see my sword blur like that. Red Mage just told me it looks like I have a +4 against evil ninjae and it is good.

The ninjas don't knows it yet, but they're heads are about to explode from my ultimate swrod technique! Wait for it!

The ninjas' heads explode.
Ninja Boos Fighter, you have one this battle but there is one rule for the univarse and that rule is that THERE IS ALAWAYS MORE NINJA!
The ninja vanishes in a puff of smoke. The caption says "This is the smoke filled panel where the ninja boss disapears and that is why you can not sees him in it! I think that is so clevar!"
Fighter Oh yeah sneaky naninja boss? Well I happen to know another rule of the infinite univarse! And that rule is that there is ALWAYS MORE SWORDS TO KILL NINJAS WITH!! I don't know what that means but it is teh truth!