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"I invented nuclear weapons a decade before your American scientists blundered into them. It was only theory, but I knew the equations. I knew what beautiful power was locked inside the atom. I knew it as innately as I knew to breathe."
—Ivan Koshchey

Ivan Koshchey (Ива́н Коще́й Ivan Koshchei) is a villain in the Atomic Robo series. A cynical Russian scientist, he builds a large nuclear bomb to rid the world of civilization.


Early Life[]

Ten years before the Second World War, Ivan Koshchey discovered that the atom could be harnessed to build powerful weapons, however Russia was uninterested, even as the Nazis invaded Moscow. After the war, Stalin understood the potential of these nuclear weapons and, fearing his power, banished him to St. Alexandra Island and erased him from memory.

After he found out that the Americans had used an atom bomb before he did, he went mad and started building one of his own. Believing that he was robbed of his place of history, he would instead rob humanity of its future.

Koshchey's Plan[]

His nuclear bomb is estimated to be at least two-hundred Megatons, which was enough to poison the whole atmosphere, killing all human life. However Koshchey knew that Robo would be unaffected by the poisoned atmosphere, so he hatched a plan to lure him to the bomb so that when he sets it off, Robo will be destroyed.

At the time, America and Russia were in a Cold War meaning both countries were reluctant to send troops to the other country, but were also suspicious of each other and had plenty of scouts to find out what the other country was doing. Koshchey's plan was to alert the American scouts that a very large nuclear weapon is being built in Russia. Koshchey knew that the only choice the American military had was to send Robo to investigate, and so they did.

Koshchey built a large army of combots to intercept Robo once he arrived. While Robo had little trouble destroying the combots, he was nevertheless captured and strapped onto the bomb.

The Plan Fails[]

After lecturing Robo about his past life, Koshchey sent the bomb up to the surface, with Robo still strapped to the device. However Robo jammed his foot into the holding rails at the top and forced the bomb back down again. The bomb crashes onto Koshchey, crushing his lower body. His dying words to Robo was to tell everyone that he was the true master of the atom bomb. as Robo left Koshchey, he detonated the base, killing him.

Later, when Robo was back at an American base in Germany, he told the Colonel that he didn't know who was behind it as the man died before he arrived, thus truly erasing Ivan Koshchey of his existence.