"Whitever they're gee'in you fer tea, oof, tell then tae put a wee bit less stanes in it."
—James Milligan, on carrying Robo, Vol. 2, Issue 5

Scottie as he appears in the final issue of Dogs of War.

James "Scottie" Milligan is a minor character in the Atomic Robo series. A British commando, he has a thick Scottish accent and prefers to shoot first and ask questions later. He is based off of Scott Wegener's grandfather, and has been mentioned by both Brian Clevinger and him to be the World War II counterpart of Jenkins.


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When the infiltration in the island of Guernsey failed, Robo was taken in by Otto Skorzeny and his armored guards to use him as their main power supply for the Weather Cannon. Meanwhile, James was hiding in the water when he saw Robo being taken in unconscious. Climbing up a cliff and storming the facility alone, he made his way to the cannon room and pried Robo off the atomic reactor.

The Baby's Legs[]

Planting a pack of explosives beside the cannon, he and Robo make their way to the top of the facility (much to Robo's annoyance of his missing legs). They kill the pilots, who were hauling his legs into the Kolibri, a lightweight aircraft. With his newfound legs, they attempted to escape with the aircraft. Robo encounters Skorzeny one last time, who sticks an anti-tank bomb on the craft's hull. Robo grabs the bomb and falls into the waters below. Meanwhile, James activates the bomb inside the facility, destroying the cannon and its personnel and completing their mission.

Ten hours later, James had waited for Robo to come ashore (who happened to have dragged his way there with one arm), as the Kolibri had crashed. Reattaching his legs, the two introduce themselves.