"Pressure makes diamonds, Robo. Ease makes decay."
—Jenkins, Caribbean Cartel Massacre Mass Vigilantism or Gang War? Police Baffled.

Jenkins as he appears in the third issue.

Jenkins, as he is often called, is a character in the Atomic Robo series. An Action Scientist, his vast military experience was gained from his time during multiple special ops forces, notably as a Navy Seal. A commando of sorts, he has a cold, hard demeanor, is known for "cutting back": rarely going to sleep, is known to be able to kill a man in six (or seven) different ways regardless of the situation, and always seems to focus on the mission at hand regardless of the circumstances. According to Robo, he hasn't taken a single day off in fourteen years. He has a fondness for orchids.


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Assuming that he worked under Operation Majestic Twelve, Jenkins was a part of the First Earth Battalion Expeditionary Force, ordered to explore the Vampire Dimension. The mission failed with severe losses, and Robo first met Jenkins in the dimension while on a rescue mission for them in 1997 as the only survivor. Working together, they barely made it out as the vampires were hot in their pursuit.

Action Scientists League[]

Since the encounter, under as of unknown reasons, Jenkins began to work for Robo, leading the Action Scientists League on various missions. As a member, he was a valuable asset to the team, and rarely, if never, slept or taken a vacation in his 14 years of service. When he once took a vacation to The Bahamas out of Robo's direct orders, the week became a James Bond-esque spy mission of sorts, involving a notorious drug cartel.