"Do you wish to experience my ire? Let me assure you it's no coincidence that it rhymes with fire!"

Kary is the second Fiend fought by the Light Warriors in Gurgu. She is the Fiend of Fire who enjoys indiscriminately killing people via combustion, feeling it's the only way to prove she's evil. However, she overdoes it and ends up killing all her minions with little, if any, provocation.

First Appearance: Episode 466: Trigger Happy


During her battle with the Light Warriors in Gurgu Volcano, she killed Black Belt. After Fighter held the six-armed Kary at bay using his newly-crafted Sword-Chucks, Red Mage managed to stuff her into a bag of holding and cast Ice-9, an enormously powerful Ice spell capable of freezing an entire universe, into it. White Mage then shattered the frozen bag with her hammer, destroying the bag and all its contents, including Thief's collection of more riches than actually exist. Kary was later seen having a conversation with Lich and greeting both Kraken and Muffin as they entered Hell.

After Drizz'l Sulk summoned the Fiends, Kary expressed that the worst part of her death was being deprived of slaughtering her minions. She also cast fire spells after Drizz'l said both "Warm up" and "anything remotely related to fire".


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