King Steve is the dimwitted totally kick-ass ruler of Corneria. He is constantly trying to start wars, he has a daughter, whom he doesn't remember most of the time, and is easily tricked by the Light Warriors and Dark Warriors on many occasions. Initially allowing applicants to apply for the position, he sent hundreds of "light warriors" on a journey assuming that, by process of elimination, the fake warriors would die and the true destined warriors would succeed.


King Steve is a capricious magnanimous and entirely delusional visionary despot democratically elected tyrant with only a tenuous grip on reality who, among other things, has devastated his country in an attempt to drill for mana (a reference to Final Fantasy VII's mining for mako), and is under the constant impression that he is elected to office despite the fact that everyone constantly informs him that he a "king" and does not need to get elected.

King Steve initially hired Garland to kidnap his daughter, Princess Sara, in the hopes that sending heroes to save her would win the hearts of the people and he could win the election for kingship with pity votes. This is also why he declares war on other countries, in the hopes of winning over his people.

King Steve also claims to have invented things that have, of course, existed forever, including eating and imagination. He even claims to have invented "inventing." He claims to have built Corneria Castle with his bare hands, and when Sarah tells him that it's centuries old, he claims to have designed it that way. He apparently also makes a hobby of "refurbishing" classic paintings by putting his head and a muscular chest over various famous women, like the Mona Lisa. He also regularly bets his kingdom in games of poker against inanimate objects like his right hand man, who is a coffee stain, and a piece of string who rules till his assassination.

His left hand man is Gary, an intelligent adviser who is much more less competent than King Steve, and who gets along with Princess Sarah much better.

Towards the end of the Light Warriors' quest, King Steve's mana drilling project succeeded in finding a mana vein, baffling scientific minds across the world.

His Sprite is a modified version of Alus Restor's sprite from Final Fantasy III.

King Steve's Inventions[]

  • Eating
  • The imagination
  • Mana drills
  • Stubes (seven sided cubes, the seventh being the inside)
  • Inventing

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