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King Steve Theater: New Shoes
Date Published December 23, 2003
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King Steve shows off his new shoes.

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We join King Steve and his new Left Hand Man Gary (Gary is his Left Hand Man because his Right Hand Man is now, and always will be, Rodney the Coffee Stain) walking in the luxurious and oft unkept castle gardens.
King Steve Left Hand Man, Gary, look at my shoes. Aren't they fantastic?
Gary Highness, I find myself being drawn to complimenting your shoes.
King Steve Thank you, Lefty! Yes, they're quite nice, and very comfortable. Very expensive, too.
Gary That would explain the obscene sum of money that's gone missing from the treasury.
King Steve Indeed. These shoes weren't cheap. They're made from baby skin.
King Steve Fresh daily.
Gary Actually, sire, that's something I wanted to talk to you about. Even though those shoes (which, I must say, are the nicest shoes I have ever seen in my life) are wonderful, they're also quite disturbing.
Gary They sound of babies crying with every step.
King Steve Of course, fool! Why do you think they cost so very, very much?
Another beat
Gary Forgive me, sire. Your wisdom is eternal.