Kit in "The Dreadful – 007".

Kit is the main character in The Dreadful, a webcomic written and drawn by Matt Speroni with a western theme. Due to her horns, tail and some comments by other characters, it is most likely that she isn't human.

First Appearance: The Dreadful – 001


Kit seems to have been involved with a gang led by someone called "Jeanne", along with her sister, Poe, and other people such as Elizabeth "Liz" Napier, whom she describes as decent people (other than Jeanne and Liz). After being shot in "The Dreadful – 001", she is taken to a hospital by Judge Catherine, and is offered a job by a group of agents to help them hunt down her old boss "Jeanne". Saying that she won't help them find anyone else but Jeanne (especially not Poe), she agrees to the job.

Kit spends the next four days trying unsuccesfully to find any information. However, an agent named Meagher tells her that Rado has found out something about Liz, and Kit goes to question her.