A laufpanzer in the first issue of Dogs of War.

The Laufpanzers are bipedal tanks created by Nazi Germany in the pulp action comic, Atomic Robo. A compound word formed from the words laufen (to walk), and panzer (tank), they were developed by Heinrich von Helsingard. A small battalion of these war machines were led by Otto Skorzeny to quell the Invasion of Sicily. Because of it's small compartment size, the tank only required one person to operate, but because of their large size, lacked mobility. Exploiting this weakness, Robo and a group of U.S. soldiers were able to take them down without much resistance, dismantling a large number of them before the rest were decommissioned, later in the war.


Its arsenal includes a rocket launcher, an anti-aircraft gun, and a long grabber arm, making it somewhat akin to the Warbots in Warbot in Accounting. It sports exhausts in the back, making it steam-powered. Some Laufpanzers are more heavily armed than others, presumably for heavy combat and other specific tasks.