The Lightning Gun is a trademark weapon in the Atomic Robo series. Created as an experimental weapon by Tesla Heavy Industries in the 1920's, the cannon, originally wired into a battery backpack, was capable of a charged, destructive electric beam. It has evolved over time from power packs to sleek batteries, and different variants were created, from pistols to rifles, to even chainguns. It had been used by Robo and the Action Scientists many times during their expeditions, proving to have saved their lives through multiple fights.

Technology similar to the Lightning Gun was used by Otto Skorzeny against Robo, which proved to be quite effective, and could be noted as one of Robo's weakness. Many years later, Skorzeny claimed to have stolen it from Tesla's lab and killed him while Robo was out fighting World War II, saying that it was Robo's fault for abandoning his creator. It is exactly unsure if the things he said were true, due to the fact that he said these things to attempt to provoke Robo to kill him with an electric gun.

It is explained in Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time, that the Lightning Gun originally collects electric charges in the air and boosts it to obscenely dangerous levels through a very dangerous process inside the gun. This particular prototype is connected to a satchel-like power pack with a dial on it, presumably to increase the power level of the blast, but even tampering with the dial is risky, as Robo put it.


According to Scott Wegener, the designs for the Lightning Gun are not definite, and so the gun constantly changes appearances as the series goes along.

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