Due to the growing popularity of 8-Bit Theater since it's debut in 2001, various Flash artists have created tributes, developing a cornerstone of the archetypes that we know today in the first Final Fantasy game. Cartoon remakes of the comic strips have also been made, as well as a few guest cartoons for the Nuklear Power site.

Flash Animations[]

Five Flash videos were created in a span of 2002 to 2005 by a Flash artist under the pseudonym, TLF. The last two were a joint project between him and Meddros, another Flash artist and 8-Bit Theater fan. The project has since been abandoned and the two artists have never been heard from again.

8-bit Theater 1[]

The animation covers Episode 001: We're going where? to Episode 006: Time to make a stand.

8-bit Theater 2[]

The animation covers Episode 007: Kamehameha!... or something. to Episode 014: Crouching Monkey, Hidden Fighter.

8-bit Theater 3[]

The animation covers Episode 015: A little intellectual conversation. to Episode 022: Mission Accomplished!

8-bit Theater 4[]

The animation covers Episode 023: Enter Magic Shop Guy to Episode 030: Hey, Remember Fighter?. The following also includes bloopers and interesting finds.

8-Bit Theater Part 5[]

This last animation covers Episode 031: Legal Mumbo Jumbo to Episode 035: There Can Be Only One... Plus Three. Also includes bloopers and other extras.

Guest Animations, Parodies, and Tributes[]

The following are parodies and guest animations for 8-Bit Theater. Some are nonsensical and full of randomness, and some are merely tributes.

Staff Chucks[]

An "in-the-making" animated version of this comic, it was another Flash project created by Meddros. An early version of the animation was sent to Clevinger to post on Nuklear Power at the end of 2004. Four years later, he remade and added extras to the project, and posted it to Newgrounds, with the rest of the 8-bit Theater Flash animations.

VS Videos[]

Another series of animations from said artist, they are one-on-one battles between the 8-Bit Theater characters.

Other VS Videos[]

Final Fantasy Day Care[]

Created by Henry Jardin (aka DeuceNine), this ongoing Flash series borrows stereotypical elements developed from 8-Bit Theater. All episodes are NSFW.

8-Bitch5: EvilOnTheAttack[]

The team that created the nonsensical, meme-filled Arfenhouse series re-enact this 8-Bit Theater tribute featuring their personas. Also NSFW, and very loud.