The following is a list of minor characters in How I Killed Your Master.




Po is the large servant of Fei Xian. He does many menial tasks around the dojo with Liu Wong. Po seems to care for Wong, as he warns him not to train in the Five Mantis Fist for his own good, and he cannot bring himself to hit the boy.

Ji Jiao and Ji Bao[]

Ji Jiao and Ji Bao

Ji Jiao and Ji Bao are two brother assassins that were hired by Xu Li to kill Wong. Fei claims to have known them as children. When Wong was training in the forest nearby, they ambush him, but Wong quickly flees back to Fei's dojo. They are confronted by Fei, who quickly overwhelms them with the Five Mantis Fist.

The Muggers[]

The muggers ambushing Wong

The muggers are a group of vagrants that control a road, asking anyone who crosses it to pay tribute. Wong fights them to let a poor family across, and soundly defeats them. However, as their pride was hurt, they follow him to the city and ambush him. Wong, caught off guard by the attack, is quickly beaten up by the lead thug. However, Fang Lin comes and saves Liu Wong, and finishes of the muggers.

However, they soon return, this time fighting Wong and Fang Lin for the seal of the governor, the way to rule Xiao Chengzhen. But, they are easily defeated by the two martial arts master.