This is a list of one-shot The Dreadful characters.

Judge Catherine[]

Judge Catherine in "The Dreadful – 002"

Judge Catherine is a character, presumably a judge, in The Dreadful. Her first and only appearance is in "The Dreadful – 002". She dresses in full black, and took Kit to the hospital after she was shot by an unseen gun-wielder. According to Kit, she didn't see her at all after some agents showed up to give Kit a job offer.

First Appearance: The Dreadful – 002


Bob is a man who seems to own a tavern. He talks briefly with Kit in "The Dreadful – 004".

First Appearance: The Dreadful – 004


Meagher is an agent who appeared in "The Dreadful – 005". He told Kit about how Rado had found information concerning Elizabeth Napier.

First Appearance: The Dreadful – 005


Rado is a man (most likely a centaur) whose lower half body is that of a horse's. He has only appeared in "The Dreadful – 006", though he has been mentioned before in "The Dreadful – 005" and appears to be accompanying Kit (the main characters of the series) on something she's doing, so he is most likely going to show up again.

First Appearance: The Dreadful – 006