Liu Wong as an old man
"You can kill me and avenge your master, or you can listen to me and surpass him."
—Liu Wong

Liu Wong is the Kung-Fu master and the killer of Xu Li, Chan Sen's master. How I Killed Your Master follows the flashbacks of Liu Wong as he describes to Chan Sen how he actually killed Sen's master.


Wong as a young boy

When Wong was a young child, his father Liu Feng died, and his dojo was sold and Wong's mother taken by a rival master. For safekeeping, Feng wished his child to go to Fei's Dojo where Wong soon became the slave and tea boy, with Fei treating him like dirt. However, in secret, Wong trains in the Five Mantis Fist by watching Fei's sons during their training regime. Despite Po's threats, Wong continues to train. One day though, Wong's secret skill is revealed when Fei attacks him and Wong manages to defend properly. Finding that his sons are more incompetent than this child, Fei finally decides to train Wong to become stronger after Wong attempted to run away.

Wong as a teenager

However, while Wong is training, he encounters a strange traveler looking for Fei's dojo. He turns out to be Ji Jiao, an assassin sent by Xu Li. Jiao's brother Ji Bao joins the attack on Wong, but he escapes back to Fei's dojo. Fei soon takes out Jiao and Bao as Wong watches in amazement. After the fight, Fei reveals that he worked alongside Liu Feng in the Five Dragons, and he must recreate his father's style to finally defeat Xu Li. Fei promises to train Wong in Five Mantis Fist, and he sets him on his first step to mastering the Divine Fist of the Unconquerable Sky.

Five years later, Wong masters the Five Mantis Fist. He then heads out to find Fang Yun, the former member of the Five Dragons and the master of the Tiger Knuckle. He asks to be trained under her, but she instead asks if he can beat her best student, Fang Lin. He fails, and continuously loses to every member of the dojo. This taught Wong a lesson in humility, which furthered his own martial arts training. The story skips ahead five years later once more, Wong stops a group of muggers from taking a poor families money. However, they follow him into Xiao Chengzhen, and surprised by their ambush, Wong is defenseless. But Lin appears to save him, and they then flee the city guards. Lin tells Wong of Xiao Chengzhen's political strife, a three way civil war with the leader of the province manipulated by his subordinates. However, Wong soon finds the seal of the governor, the item that gives the right to rule, while drawing water. This brings the attention of the previous muggers, who Lin and Wong now have to fight off.