Everett: "Is Atomic Robo driving that car?"
Hovarth: "It can be Dorothy Lamour for all I care... ...It just saved our asses."

— Everett and Hovarth, "Atomic Robo Vol. 2"

Lt. Everett as he appears in the second issue of Dogs of War

Lt. Everett is a minor character in the pulp action comic, Atomic Robo. Along with Sergeant 1st Class Hovarth, they were one of the many soldiers who went through the Allied invasion of Sicily. Along with Atomic Robo, he and his army of soldiers helped out to dismantle most of the Laufpanzers to stop them from getting in the way of the invasion.


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World War II[]

Not much can be said about Everett's involvement in the war, as he is never seen after the second issue of the series. Inside the beach transports, he and Hovarth dictate their orders to their regiment of soldiers. As they landed, they were able to make it through the battlefield as Hovarth bombed out a sentry gun, allowing for a weak entry point. Meanwhile, as Robo was escaping from Otto Skorzeny and his Laufpanzers, Everett and his men come across a heavily-armed one. Before it can react, Robo smashes a car through the machine through a brick wall into a ravine. When Robo was presumably destroyed by a rocket blast, they had to move quickly as the Laufpanzers were slowly closing in on them. The robot reappears again with a tank for reinforcements, as they instantly cripple the Laufpanzer and take out its pilot. In a span of a day, Everett and his men, with Robo and Jeb's help, were able to destroy three more before setting camp. When a commander orders Robo to take down the rest of them, he orders Everett to accompany him during the next mission. Everett disdainfully accepts.

It is unknown whether Everett or Hovarth were able to survive through the war.