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The Marsh Cave is the supposed dwelling of Drizz'l and possibly the remnants of the Dark Elf race, assuming there are any left. The Light Warriors encounter Drizz'l here and have a brief fight with him until they get the Marsh Crown. The cave itself is also home to race of giant spiders, who ambush the Light Warriors (along with White Mage and Black Belt) in the forest outside, and trap them in their spiderwebs, transporting them to the cave with the intention of eating them, though they may also have done this at the behest of their master, Drizz'l.

After Drizz'l and his minions (including a so-called "True Guardian" beast purchased from Ackbar's Discount True Guardian Outlet) the party recover the Marsh Crown, and, after freeing White Mage and Black Belt, return to Elf Land.