Matoya is a blind witch living in a cave who had her crystal ball stolen by the pirate Bikke. To get it back she tricked the Light Warriors into eating poisoned cookies in order to blackmail them into retrieving the item, although as the Light Warriors pointed out, being that she knew who took the ball and where they were, she could have gotten it herself.


Matoya has constantly reminded the Light Warriors that she is "blind, not stupid", and has turned their members into toads as a reminder of this when she overhears them plotting against her. She also gave Fighter his long-searched for Armoire of Invincibility - she misheard him when he asked for the Armor of Invincibility, and Fighter fails to notice the difference and thus carries the armoire with him for several comics afterwards. Her crystal ball was successfully returned offscreen. After thanking them for returning her sight, Thief asked Matoya an antidote for his father - for which Matoya charged extra fees. Thief however got his revenge by pretending to give the entire kingdom of Elf Land to her in return for the cure, only for his Super Ultra Fine Print to reveal that he doesn't have to give Matoya anything.

In a later comic it was revealed that Matoya is the lover of Bahamut, and the rat tail he requested of the Light Warriors was for a potion to cure his impotency.