Dragoon: "Muffin, have you seen any dragons recently?"
Muffin: "Not a one."

— On dragons, "Episode 910: The Animal Kingdom"


Muffin is the Fiend of air in 8-Bit Theater, and one of the few intelligent characters. Muffin is a dragon, owner of a flying castle kept afloat by the Air Orb, and was considered by Dragoon as his pet parrot until the Light Warriors pointed it out for him. Muffin established the Dragon Knights in order to kill most of the dragons so she could take all their power, treasure, and knowledge, and then slaughtered the dragoons so they would not learn of her evil plot. She has been able to outwit or dissuade every Light Warrior except Thief from trying to kill her - she even convinced Black Mage to join her in doing destruction. However, she then tricks Black Mage into jumping into mid-air (taking advantage of his stupidity and lies about her castle being invisible), after which he rejoins the Light Warriors.


After Thief throws the Light Warriors to the sky castle, Muffin arrives to kill them. After Black Mage flees several times and Red Mage burns to death (as a result of Black Mage lighting him on fire), Thief attempts to bargain with Muffin, saying that although it was statistically impossible they killed the last three fiends/elemental orb holders, it happened, and that in exchange for the orb, no one gets hurt. When attempting to seal the deal with a handshake as proposed by Muffin, Thief is grabbed, shaken at high velocities for some time, and at the end miraculously still alive, to both of their surprise. Dragoon then arrives and stabs Muffin in the brain, which is her only weakness. She is last seen being greeted by the other Fiends in hell ("Hey there. Welcome to the party!").


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