Onion Kid, often called Rex Crockett (but of course this is not his name), is a child from 8-Bit Theater who has been traumatized multiple times during the course of the comic. His original family, as well as several foster families, have been killed and he has been kicked out of an orphanage, all as unintended side effects of Black Mage's actions. He himself has been placed on trial for the murder of his foster relatives.

{First| Episode 018: We’ve All Been There. [1] }


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In his first appearance, top left corner of Episode 018, he is standing in line for the Light Warrior job. The panel with the sign and where Thief is saying about the people in line "Suckers". That's Onion Kid, standing in line, between Evil Princess Sara in her good princess outfit and the same Evil Princess Sara but in her villain outfit.

In his second appearance, he stumbled upon an unmasked Black Mage and passed out after seeing his "insane, non-Euclidean face", and shortly after waking up again he passed upon a group of guards killed by Black Mage. Later, his family was kidnapped by Black Mage while camping in Elf Land so the Light Warriors could use the bodies to deceive the elf ninja guards who killed them. His first foster family was killed by Black Mage after the Light Warriors returned from Gurgu Volcano, and were solving the mystery of Crystal Lake. Some time later, Black Mage used his Hadoken to destroy a ship filled with food and medicine destined for the kid's community of orphans, Onion Kid was expelled due to his tragic back story. His second family died after a complaining old man was thrown by the Light Warriors off their airship, sometime after their passage on the Castle of Ordeals. The death of Onion Kid's second family led him into being judged for murder. More recently he has been seen apparently teamed up with Dragoon and White Mage. Even more recently, it seems that he has been kidnapped by is a past version of Sarda. Sarda sent himself to wizarding school, and after many years of training, becomes the most powerful wizard in existence. He sends himself to the beginning of time to remake the universe so that the Light Warrior don't exist, but White Mage foils his plans.



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