If lightning can strike thrice, that is...

Onrac is one of the many towns in the world of Final Fantasy, but is apparently a prop for demolition in 8-Bit Theater. Appearing in Episode 1137, Black Mage's dark energy-channeled Hadoken annihilated the town, making Thief's quip rather ironic.


Onrac was once home to a Sea Shrine before it sank beneath the sea, causing the town to become, in Thief's words, 'a hole'. When a sudden take-off of the Deathtrap Airship Deathtrap Airship Deathtrap Airship Deathtrap Airship Deathtrap Airship Deathtrap transporter left Black Mage stranded in a town and White Mage with the Light Warriors, the team worked together to rebuild Onrac while Black Mage pursued his lifelong dream... of becoming a cobbler. After murdering an uncooperative old woman and hitting the guards investigating the case point-blank with a Hadoken, Black Mage was launched through the air, eventually hitting and destroying a community center that the Light Warriors had just built in an attempt to improve the town. Upon being reunited, the Light Warriors vowed never to help anyone again, and they went to the Sea Shrine to escape White Mage's wrath find the Water Orb that was located there.

Onrac was destroyed yet again when the Sea Shrine rose from the water, flooding the entire city. With White Mage's help, the city was brought back to normal before Sarda dropped Australia on Black Mage as punishment for the Light Warriors not bringing him the Air Orb (and because he hates Black Mage), and the resulting flood levelled the entire city. The people of Onrac somehow regrouped and rebuilt the city, only for it to be destroyed by Black Mage's poorly-aimed Helldoken. As Black Mage is the one that activated the device which raised the shrine from beneath the waves, this means that he was responsible for Onrac's destruction (directly or indirectly) four times.