8-Bit Theater
Operation: Nomenclature
The more you know...
The more you know...
Sgt. Stone
And the men of EZ Company in...A Tomb Built For Seven
Date Published Saturday, August 20, 2005
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Ahh...telekinesis. Interesting.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Lancer Puma
  • Maniac Eagle
  • Wire Camel
  • Engine Ocelot


  • EZ Company base camp


Lancer Puma and Maniac Eagle are talking outdoors at camp while Wire Camel walks past the foreground
Lancer Puma So, I've been with EZ Company for a while now.
Lancer Puma And I think I'm getting the hang of life here.
A spider jumps on Wire Camel with a SKREE!
Lancer Puma More or less.
Lancer Puma But one thing that keeps gnawing at me is where TK got that nickname.
Maniac Eagle Y'know, that's just what he's always been called.
I guess you'd have to ask him.
And so...
Lancer Puma enters Engine Ocelot's tent, the sign says "TK's Lab Stay Out"
Lancer Puma So, TK, if you don't mind my asking.
Um, why do they call you that?
Engine Ocelot It was supposed to stand for "telekinesis".
But there was an accident, I think the psycho-generator was misaligned, and hey, long story short, it seems "teamkill" works too.
Engine Ocelot I think it's unfair. I mean, can you really say someone, or an entire squad for that matter, is dead if their spirits have reincarnated as giant, screaming spiders fueled by hatred and blood?
The scene shifts back the outdoors where Lancer Puma and Maniac Eagle are talking again and Wire Camel is in the foreground, beginning to get up
Lancer Puma Cap, the next time I want to know anything, please remind me that I don't want to know anything.
The spider crawls up on to Wire Camel's ear.
Lancer Puma Ever.