The Other Warriors to left to right: Rogue, Ranger, Cleric, Berserker

The Other Warriors are a troupe of four naïve adventurers whom the Light Warriors have encountered four times. Unlike the Light Warriors, they are genuinely heroic, although they are still incompetent and can show a darker side. They are based more on Dungeons & Dragons.


The Light Warriors and White Mage first met Ranger and Berserker in the Gurgu Forest during their quest for the Orb of Fire. Ranger guided the Light Warriors to their destination, where they revealed that they were searching for their teammates Cleric and Rogue, who departed for Dwarf Land sometime ago. To cover up the fact that they burned down Dwarf Land, Thief put the blame on Ranger, making Berserker turn on him.

When the Light Warriors first visit Cardia, they meet the full team. It turns out that while running from Berserker, Ranger encountered Cleric and Rogue in a desert. He was able to show an exhausted Berserker a newspaper with a picture of the true culprits behind the destruction of Dwarf Land (the Light Warriors disguised as dwarves). They reveal that they, too, are searching for a Rat Tail in order to become Enlightened Warriors. Red Mage makes a fake map to "Rat Tail Island" and manages to fool the Other Warriors.

The Light Warriors later encounter the Other Warriors in their visit to Lefein for the Air Orb. The Other Warriors break them out of what both teams thought was a prison. They tell the Light Warriors that the map they gave them led to the moon and claim to have already already done the Wind Orb quest. Red Mage manages to get an erroneous map from Rogue (which was really drawn by Thief). The Other Warriors are later seen in a brief flashback, coming to Dragoon's tower as "Door-to-Door Door Salesmen" and stealing his Orb of Air.

The Light Warriors meet the Other Warriors once again in the "new" Temple of Fiends. They say they met Warmech in the dark forest outside and wish to aid him in getting back at the Light Warriors. However, they get caught up in an election along with the Light and Dark Warriors, ending up in new teams. Due to them being good friends, the Other Warriors mess up any plans to have a final showdown between the warriors, as they would help each other despite being on separate teams. They eventually leave after receiving a fake quest about a kidnapped child from Thief and Rogue.

However, when they reach Sarda to find the child, the members of the Other Warriors are sent to a better place, one by one, leaving only Ranger left. Ranger and his wife are killed by a swarm of arrows that were manipulated by Sarda, which finally kills the last of the Other Warriors.


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