Fallout: Nuka Break
Pilot - Fan Film
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Date Posted July 24, 2011
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Twig goes on a quest to find Nuka-Cola.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Opening Disclaimer TV Announcer (Vincent Talenti)
  • Twig (Zack Finfrock; first appearance)
  • Ben (Aaron Giles; first appearance)
  • Scarlett (Tybee Diskin; first appearance)
  • A desparate merchant (Vic Mignogna)
  • Red (Michele Specht; first appearance)
  • Joey (Kevin Brooks)
  • Tanner (Robert Thorne)


Running time[]

Sixteen minutes, thirty seconds


Black-and-white footage.
TV Announcer Hello there.
TV Announcer "Fallout: Nuka Break" is a non-profit fan film and is not endorsed by Bethesda Softworks.
It is intended for entertainment purposes only.
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So, please. Don't sue us.
Have a great time! Enjoy your stay!
Fadeout to the indian head test card.
Please Stand By...
October 23rd, 2077.
The Great War began and ended.
It wasn't a war of rifles, or a war of soldiers.
It was the final war.
The war of the atomic bomb.
Whatever the bombs did not destroy was consumed by the wasteland they created.
But it wasn't the end of man. Oh no.
Far from it...
Fallout: Nuka Break
Fadeout to a Nuka-Cola billboard sign. The caption says "Enjoy a nice Nuka-Break"
Twig, Ben, and Scarlet wander the wasteland past an abandoned car. Twig lags behind.
Twig You guys, hang on...
Twig stops and catches his breath.
Twig I gotta take a couple seconds.
Or... or a couple minutes?
Ben clamps a hand on his pauldron shoulder.
Ben Here, drink that.
He hands Twig a bottle of Nuka-Cola. He seems overjoyed as the bottle glimmers. In a trance, he drinks with gusto.
Cut back to Ben, who shakes his head in dismay. Twig continues to drink. The geiger counter on his Pip-Boy starts to click.
Twig looks down and sees he was drinking a bottle of irradiated water instead. He starts throwing up.
Twig It's just... it's just water!
Why would you do that!?
Ben (sighs) Smoothskins.
(mimicks Twig) "Oh, I'm tired! Oh, I need sleep! Oh, this radiated water is killing me from the inside!"
Twig Hey!
Ben (glances sideways) Scar?
Scarlett Don't look at me.
Twig's your buddy.
Ben Me? I don't even like the guy.
Scarlett Oh... See, I thought you guys had, like, a partnership going on.
Ben "Partnership?"
Twig gives Scarlett a "WTF" look.
Scarlett Yeah. This is the Wasteland. Love is where you find it.
Twig Uh. Hahah, No, No, No...
Ben (simultaneously) No, no, no!
Twig (wagging finger) Mmm mm. No...
I mean, look at him.<br?>Ok, you know, I don't like where this conversation's going. Let's, let's just keep moving. I don't want to be left out here alone...
...and then also dead.
They trek onwards. They stop at a small dump, where they salvage for usable things.
Merchant HEY!
Startled, Twig starts shooting wildly at the newcomer with his Chinese assault rifle. The merchant hides behind his shopping cart and fires back with a .357 magnum pistol. The three hide behind a tractor and Scarlett shoots at him with her laser rifle.
Merchant I'm a merchant!
They continue shooting. Twig's rifle runs out of ammo.
Twig I'm out!
Ben Don't tell him that!
Scarlett I'm out too.
Merchant I'M A MERCHANT!
Twig What?
Ben He said he's a merchant!
Scarlett It's a trick. He'll shoot us if we go over there.
Twig We think it's a trick!
We think you'll shoot us if we come out there!
Merchant Well, I think it's a trick!
Scarlett How would be tricking you?
Merchant I think you got lots of ammo, and you're gonna shoot me if you come over here!
Twig Ok, ok, we're gonna all throw our weapons out at the same time on the count of three. That means you too weird guy!
Merchant (hesitantly) ...Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... O-OK!
Twig Alright! One... two...
Ben Wait!
Merchant WHAT!?
Ben ...Is this a trick?!
The other two look at Ben.
Jump cut to the merchant peddling Twig some pans and a broken plate and some junk.
Merchant Step up and feast your eyes! Only the finest crap between here and New Reno! Look'a that little lady, you could eat off that one!
The three don't seem happy about his wares.
Ben Hey! Where is "here"?
Merchant I have no idea, but try this.
(puts a fedora on Ben) Oh, my. You're a handsome man.
Twig (holding an empty Nuka-Cola bottle) Hey. Hey, hey, hey! This... Do you have any more?!
Merchant Sorry, you know, I sold my last bottle a couple-few days ago.
(changes subject) Yeah, I got this fancy hat. Look! It's adjustable. Heheh.
Twig I'm really happy for you... About the hat, and all.
Um, y'know, we'll take the bottlecap mine...
Merchant Good choice! Good choice! Good choice!
Twig ...And all the ammo you got, I guess.
Merchant Well, of course! You can never have too much ammo, can ya? Haha.
And this is free for you today!
Scarlett You know, you would probably get more business if you didn't run around shooting at people.
Merchant Well, I don't know. You know, you probably wouldn't need to buy so much ammo if you hadn't spent it all shooting at me. (laughs crazily)
G-Get it? When ya'lls shootin'? At-- over there earlier? Hahahah!
Jumpcut to the three leaving.
Twig You didn't have to punch him in the nose, though.
Scarlett Yeah, maybe. But, it sure felt great!
Twig Ah. Great like a frosty, fresh Nuka-Cola?
Ben You know, I've been meaning to say this for a while, but...
...I've been out here a long damn time, and I've never seen a man addicted to soda.
Twig Ah, it's all I can think of. That, and Fancy Lads Snack Cakes. Oh, I could really go for some Sugar Bombs right now.
Scarlett Yeah, I bet you could fatty.
Twig "Fatty"?
Twig stops. They turn to look at him.
Scarlett Oh, hey. I was just kidding.
Twig (placidly) That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.
Jumpcut to a slide.
You see, when the Great War started, many people found safety in underground vaults.
But, unknown to the vault dwellers, the vaults were never actually meant to save anyone at all.
Of the 122 vaults, only seventeen were made to public expectations. All others were designed to include "social experiments".
Vault 21, for instance, was filled with nothing but compulsive gamblers.
Or Vault 69. Of the 100,000 people who entered, there was only one man.
And then there was Twig's vault. Vault 10.
Being backed by Nuka-Cola as a sponsor, it was developed and designed to solely test the Eat'O'Matic's cafeteria and food dispensers for the vault systems.
Exercise equipment was also never installed.
All of the occupants of Vault 10 became overweight.
Obesity became the social norm for Vault 10, as the average girth increased with every generation.
And that's where Twig's nickname came from, as he was the skinniest...
...and, therefore, most picked-on dweller within Vault 10.
Jumpcut back to Scarlett and Ben looking at each other as Twig walks by happily.
Ben I think he's lost his damn mind.
Scarlett ...Dibs on his Pip-Boy.
They trudge through the Wasteland until they reach a rocky place.
Twig I don't-- I don't know where he is.
Scarlett ...He said to come right here.
They get shot at.
Tanner Don't move, fatty!
Twig smiles and pouts.
Cut to three mercenaries standing in place. One of them was late to the chase and stands from his rock, stumbling as he pointed his Chinese pistol.
Joey Shit! We did the "pop up" thing.
The other merc gestures to him, but he doesn't understand what he meant. Twig and Scarlett wonder what's going on. The goggles merc goes up to him.
Joey ...What's up?
Joey ...Do you have to yell?
Tanner -Please.
Joey tries to read out a slip of paper, clumsily taking off his goggles.
Joey Tanner and Company! You are hereby hired by Caesar's Legion to track and return the slave known as "Scarlett" to her respective owners in New Vegas...
Scarlett rolls her eyes.
Twig You're name's Scarlett?
Scarlett ...Yeah!
Joey ...Should you encounter the ghoul or vault dweller responsible for freeing her... you can eliminate them for an additional bonus of 75 caps.
Twig Oh, ok. Wait, wait. What if we give you the additional bonus to not kill us?
The mercs look at each other and consider the deal.
Joey That sounds pretty good-
Tanner Yeah, that doesn't sound too bad, huh?
Joey -Yeah, we could do that.
Twig and Scarlett draw their weapons.
Twig Move and we shoot!
Scarlett Hands where we can see 'em!
Tanner Did these chumps just get the drop on us?
Joey -Jesus.
Red We're back here again? Really?
The mercs draw and Twig and Scarlet reel back, intimidated.
Scarlett Uh, we probably should've shot 'em when they went for their weapons.
Twig I was-- I was following your lead!
Scarlett I didn't want to shoot people just for moving!
Twig Th-- That's what we opened with. That was our thing!
Tanner This is how it's gonna play, fat man.
Twig You know what? No. Let me tell you... "thin guy", how this is gonna play out, alright?
We saw you guys coming, we sent our buddy up, Ben. He's gonna snipe you right now!
Alright, Ben! TAKE 'EM OUT!
The mercs look around, expecting something, but nothing's happening.
Twig Ben, they're right there!
Ben ...I can't see shit.
Twig (far away) Take 'em out now Ben!
Ben (withdraws) Screw it. I'll just join whoever survives.
Twig (far away) Uh, right now, Ben!
Scarlett Ben, GO!
The mercs laugh amongst themselves.
Red Hahah, shut up butterball!
Scarlett -What's your problem, huh?
Red (blinks incredulously) My problem?
You're rippin' my style. That's my problem.
Scarlett What is she-? What? What??
Red You're NAME, sweetheart! "Scarlett"? Hello!? They call me "Red"! Alright? You're rippin' my style!
Scarlett No. I'm not ripp-- Scarlett is my name!
Red (stuttering) Well, that's stupid.
Scarlett You're stupid! At least, Scarlett is a name. Red's just a... color.
Red (offended) Ah! Red is so a name!! It's short for "Redbecca"!!
Scarlett You just made that up.
Twig -That's not a name...
Tanner Would you all just SHUT UP!?
(looks at Red) Would you just shoot them please?
Red Oh, okay.
They start shooting immediately. Twig and Scarlett evade and start closing in on them without so much as a scratch.
Joey What the hell was that!? You guys missed!
Red glares at him. Gunshots can be heard. Meanwhile, the two hide behind a rock as they continue to shoot. Enclave Radio music is blaring in the distance.
Scarlett Twig, come on! We have to focus! Turn off your damn radio!
Twig (fiddling with his Pip-Boy) It's not... It's not on! It's not my radio!
John Henry Eden I have never advocated war, except as a means of peace...
They look out to see an Enclave eyebot floating nearby, projecting John Henry Eden's speech.
John Henry Eden Nations, like individuals, are punished for their transgressions.
Twig (getting up) I-- I gotta terrible idea!
Scarlett How terrible?
John Henry Eden Happiness lies in the joy of achievement. And, the thrill of creative effort.
Twig grabs the eyebot. Meanwhile, Joey lies dead while Red cackles manically.
Tanner Damn it, Red! How many times've we been over this!?
Red OK, this one? Baby, not my fault.
Tanner You shot him in the face!
Red Only a little...
An eyebot with a bottlecap mine taped onto it starts approaching the quarreling mercs.
John Henry Eden A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.
Tanner (cackling with Red, then stopping) Did you hear that?
They see the eyebot.
John Henry Eden Everybody likes a compliment.
They go "aww".
Tanner Ugh, those things. Damn Enclave.
Red (using a butt of a rifle as a bat) Come to mama...
John Henry Eden Do not bite at the bait of pleasure until you know there is no hook beneath it.
Tanner (realizes the bomb) RED!!
Red swings and the eyebot explodes. Scarlett and Twig hide to avoid shrapnel. Meanwhile, Ben lies down, yawning.
Ben ...Sounds dangerous.
Tanner struggles to get up as gunpowder covers his face. He sees Red's body behind a rock and rises, brandishing his shotgun at a lone figure in the distance. Scarlett walks through the smoke, holding her rifle, unaware of him. Suddenly, Twig swivels out of the rock, wielding his rifle, and enters VATS, aiming for the head.
He fires, but hits his chest instead. The merc falls dead instantly. Twig smiles at the accomplishment.
Twig and Scarlett close in on the sleeping Ben, blocking his sunlight.
Ben Whaaaaaaat!?
Scarlett I thought you said you were gonna give us some cover? Hell, it was your idea!
Ben And you didn't even need it.
Twig I mean, we had to kill them all, and now they're all dead. I...
Ben (runs off, cheering) Wooo! Awww, free shit!
Ohhh, yeah!
Ben (rummages through a corpse) Whadya got for me, smoothskin?
Scarlett scavenges on another body, while Twig watches Ben.
Twig Ah, come on man. You know I hate it when you do this.
Ben What? Collect what we earn?
Scarlett (holding a Jet pipe) What is this "we"?
Ben (pointing a Chinese pistol at her) Hey, I did something! Just not what you expected.
Scarlett Hey! Muzzle discipline.
Ben withdraws the gun and grabs a backpack.
Ben Besides, you never know what you might find.
He tosses the bag at Twig. The swishing sound of Nuka-Cola can be heard.
Twig No, I got-- I told you... I'm not...
Twig goes through the bag, laughing as he finds two Nuka-Colas inside.
Twig (jubilant) Haha! Hahah! There are-- there's TWO!
He pops one open and drinks immediately.
Twig Mmmhmmhm, it's real!
Twig's geiger counter clicks as Scarlet and Ben look on. Suddenly, Twig gets sick and starts to vomit. The two reel back, disgusted.
End credits and special thanks.
The merchant passes by the place where the mercenaries have died, and thanks the heavens as he saw Red's corpse. Rubbing her legs, he mutters "Jackpot" as he proceeds to violate her. Immediately, he is shot dead as Red rises up, pistol drawn. She looks around, angry and confused.


  • The girl on the Nuka-Cola billboard is modelled by Niki Harper.
  • The pilot closely follows the Fallout canon, with references pertaining to the Fallout Bible, made by Chris Avellone.