"Urge for villainy rising."
—Princess Sara

Princess Sara is the princess of Corneria. In the beginning of the series, she was kidnapped by Garland. Finding that he is an ineffectual villain, she starts to tutor Garland in evil.

First Appearance: Episode 052: Meanwhile...


Kidnapped by Garland by order of her father, King Steve of Corneria, Sara claims to have been kidnapped six times and that Garland did the worst job of all. Annoyed with Garland's ineptness and stupidity, she dons an evil villain costume and begins to tutor him on how to be a proper villain. While Garland is concerned with his attack plan for the Forest Imps, Sara captures the Light Warriors, writes an evil villain speech for Garland, and remodels his lair to be more evil. Garland notes she seems to enjoy it too much, but is unconcerned for his role as villain because he considers himself a superior evil-doer.

After doing all this, Garland still fails to properly kill the Light Warriors, instead serving them snacks. An outraged Sara escorts Garland to the dungeon to oversee his evil speech herself, but he still fails as a result of sabotage from Forest Imps. When Sara and Garland suspend the Light Warriors over a pool of acid, further sabotage causes them to fall harmless into Mountain Dew. During this the Light Warriors fail to recognize her as the princess they intend to save.

With Garland defeated, Sara changes back into her princess dress but is still having villainous urges. To this purpose she tricks Fighter into revealing the weaknesses of the party and writes them down for later usage. Since then she has lived in Corneria with King Steve and barely tolerates his ignorance. However, she has had several lapses in her good-girl facade and it is indicated that she may become a villain again. When Drizz'l asked her to join the Dark Warriors, Sara refused and considered them a laughing stock.

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