The Quantum Decomputer is a minor piece of technology in the pulp action comic, Atomic Robo. It is a large supercomputer made by Martin and Louis of the Exotic Physics department in their plan to solve the "single greatest conflict of modern physics". With its symmetrical shape and dark metallic luster, it's no wonder why Robo knew it was evil.

Function and Synopsis[]

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As a computer, it's only primary function is to calculate and solve the so-called "single greatest conflict of modern physics". The computer itself covers an entire room, made up of tubes and wires letting loose steam, connected by a central monitor with a small keypad and one green button, and is powered by an erbium core. According to Louis, letting it run for a billionth of a second costs about $3 million. Therefore, letting it run for one second would exceed all the accumulated wealth of human civilization. In their attempt to solve this debilitating problem, the computer increases Planck's constant within its CPU until it becomes a wave of every possible state of that CPU. In that state, it will collapse into the version that happened to skip straight to the correct solution. The process is only in theory however, and, upon activating the machine, it merely summoned the Shadow From Beyond Time six years earlier.