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Rescue Mission
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Rescue Mission
Date Published Tuesday, August 3, 2010
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Robo is ordered by Majestic 12 to rescue the expeditionary force in the Vampire Dimension. He finds out the inevitable.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Robo
  • Lieutenant General
  • Multiple Secret Service agents


  • 1997, Denver International Airport Sub-Level XII, Majestic 12 Headquarters


Lieutenant General We lost contact with First Earth Battalion Expeditionary Force One minutes after dimensional breach.
Robo Dimensional breach?
Lieutenant General Tesladyne doesn't hold a monopoly on higher science, Robo.
Robo Just a monopoly on doing it right. This'll go a lot smoother if we have their last known coordinates in Tannhauser notation.
Lieutenant General Reynolds.
Reynolds We've got that, hold on.
Robo (holding written coordinates) These are the... you're serious?
Robo This is the Vampire Dimension. Take me to your equipment.
Robo is led to a golden engine-like apparatus with vacuum tubes connected and a computer connected to the apparatus.
Robo Did you think I was blind or just stupid?
Lieutenant General Robo?
Robo You stole it. We built this in the thirties.
Lieutenant General There may be similarities, but--
Robo Look, you kept the vacuum tubes. Your scientists were afraid to change anything. I always wondered if Tesla's notes really were destroyed in that explosion. Now I know they weren't.
Lieutenant General You can't know that for sure, Robo.
Robo It's exactly the same machine. It'd be like independently writing Hamlet word-for-word.
Lieutenant General I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for--
Robo (evidently irate) There is. I just gave it to you.
A governmental body I never heard of has been covertly tinkering with Tesla's stolen work for fifty years.
Robo (typing coordinates) I've been in the high science game long enough to know this isn't Majestic's first screw up.
Robo (turning dial) It's just the first screw up that was too big to hide behind the army. How many of my missions for the military were really for you people all these years?
Lieutenant General Robo, I don't know where you're getting--
Robo (pointing menacingly) Just stop. You won't talk your way out of this. You didn't steal a pile of notes. You stole what the world could have been. For what?
Lieutenant General You can't afford to be this naïve. There was a Cold War. Perhaps you heard of it?
Robo Yeah, the Cold War, where men like you wasted trillions of dollars and half the scientific talent of the world for three generations.
Lieutenant General Please, Robo. It was splitting the atom, not nth dimensional quantum tunneling.
Lieutenant General It took all those minds and all that money to decipher and weaponize Tesla's notes.
Robo I'll bring your men back. Or what's left of them. But after that, it's war.
Robo enters the portal to the Vampire Dimension...
Rescue Mission


  • The "Tannhauser notation" is not a real-life mathematical expression, but is possibly a reference to Tannhauser Gate, an unexplained fictional name for a dimensional apparatus in the 1982 movie, Blade Runner.