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January 2011

Warbot 014.jpg
"Oh, I was reading your Warbot. It’s not sad enough."
Brian Clevinger's mother.

In "Warbot_14: The All-Nighter" X-017 tries to aide a coworker in need; however, it goes horribly wrong as it always does. Mr. James works in Weyland Accounting, and he is desperately attempting to put a paper together. A coworker is exasperated when he hears that it is due the following day, and tells James to quickly put something together. He tries for the rest of the day to put something together, and by late night he falls asleep. However, when the next day arrives, his paper is no where to be found, and he is called by Mr. Ferguson to the office. He desperately looks around for it, but the secretary informs him that it had been handed it. However, once he reached Ferguson's office, the boss shows James the report: a crumple mess of unreadable papers. Ferguson promptly fires him, and soon James leaves the office. A newspaper then reports of the grisly triple-murder suicide occurring at the James' house. Warbot reads this newspaper, and it is revealed that he moved the papers. When he tried to pick up the papers, they became severely crumpled and unreadable (More).