This is an archive of the history of Sardapedia. Entries will not disappear here the way they do on the main page.

23 July 2008 Sardapedia founded by Randy 3000
7 January 2009 Users from the Final Fantasy Wiki come to help out
10 January 2009 ScatheMote becomes our second bureaucrat
15 January 2009 Episode 027: Not again. became the Wiki's 100th article
24 January 2009 Jeppo becomes our first moderator.
7 February 2009 Master Conjurer becomes our second moderator.
15 February 2009 Interlude 01: THE FIGHTER DOES NOT LIEK THE ROBOT! becomes the Wiki's 200th article
2 April 2009 Free Comic Book Day - Page 6 becomes the wiki's 300th article
14 April 2009 Episode 920: We Could Be Heroes becomes the wiki's 400th article
6 May 2009 Sardapedia has 500 articles! Otto Skorzeny is the 500th article
8 June 2009 Chocolancer finally becomes our 3rd moderator!
18 June 2009 Master Conjurer, our second moderator, departs from Wikia.
23 June 2009 Reaching 600 articles, ‎Episode 580: Sea Gods Are Pussies becomes the wiki's 600th.
23 July 2009 Sardpedia reaches its first anniversary! The site has grown from 56 articles to nearly 700!
29 July 2009 The main page gets a new facelift! Like the new look?
8 August 2009 Episode 611: Did you see the new Poof? becomes Sardapedia's 700th article!
13 October 2009 Sardapedia is chosen as a future Wikia Spotlight!
14 January 2010 Master Conjurer returns to the wiki after a long wiki-hiatus!
30 March 2010 Sardapedia gets a new skin to match the front page!
1 April 2010 Sardapedia is transformed into Warmechapedia, a completely human database.
17 April 2010 Brian Clevinger confirms that Episode 1224: A Legend Is Born is the last strip of 8-Bit Theater.
;1 June 2010 The Epilogue officially marks the end of 8-Bit Theater.
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