Staff Chucks are a variation on Sword-Chucks, which Fighter McWarrior non-canonically gave to Black Mage Evilwizardington as a gift in a guest comic. The staffs used to make it were a fire staff and an ice staff. At first, he was less then thrilled to receive them, but he quickly changed his mind when he actually tried to use them, resulting in an incredibly powerful flurry of spells decimating the area and causing Black Mage Evilwizardington an unreasonable amount of happiness. In use, these would be mostly like nunchucks save for greater range and reduced speed. In the hands of Black Mage, the staff portion would function as a catalyst which would increase his melee combat skills and his overall spell power. Further still, this weapon could easily prove to be the most potentially versatile weapon on the planet, due to it's ill mentioned multi-class uses. As the incident occurred in a guest comic, and therefore outside of canon, they have not been seen again.

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