Genius, true genius.

"I'd be like Bruce Lee meets Musashi! Only better! God, I'm so brilliant!"

Sword-Chucks are a pair of swords tied together at the hilt by a chain which was invented by Fighter McWarrior. It was first mentioned in Episode 068: It Sounds Like a Good Idea to Me. Fighter claims it to be the best, smartest idea he's ever made, although Red Mage Statscowski and Corneria's weapon shopkeeper had their reservations, saying that it was "the worst idea anyone has ever had", since use of this weapon would likely end in the loss of your hands because you would have to grab at least one blade to use them. Despite that, Fighter McWarrior manages to use them to fight Kary to a standstill.

Although the actual use of this weapon would be nigh impossible, the potential for wanton destruction is very high as the probable speed and veritility of the chain makes for a Medium range, High Accuracy weapon. The blades moving at the highest possible speed would be able to produce a simlar effect to a large chainsaw cutting through air on any penatrable foe. Also, assuming the user survives the usage of this weapon, the user would have perfected the basic DEX score and therefore be able to use most weapons without much difficulty.

There is also a variation called Staff Chucks, which Fighter gives Black Mage Evilwizardington for Christmas. These managed to decimate a large area somehow, resulting in Black Mage's immense delight.


  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Garland uses a giant sword that can split into a total of four different blades, two pairs of swords connected by chains. This probably has nothing to do with must be a reference to 8-Bit Theater's Sword-Chucks.
  • When getting powerful weapons in Episode 1196: The Weapon Shop, Red Mage called them "Chainblades", because he believes Sword-Chucks is not a good enough term for them.
  • They are referenced in another popular web comic called No need for Bushido.
  • Guild Wars 2 "Super Adventure box" boss uses sword chucks as his main weapon.