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He's too cute…
He's too cute…
An explanation...
Date Published Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
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Brian tells of his little mishap regarding his cat, Kurt.


I'm sorry there's no comic for today.

Monday morning we woke up to the sounds of Kurt (pictured below) puking his guts out. He continued to vomit throughout the morning and one time it was almost all blood. We made multiple trips to the vet's office and had a variety of expensive tests performed on him to make sure our horrible monster kitty wasn't dying.

The doctors aren't sure what was wrong, but they treated him for a few things. He seems to be feeling much better, but he's still not quite up to his usual wanton acts of needless destruction. He's going to be on a couple of medications for a while and we have to keep an eye on his symptoms for the next few days.

I'll have something for you later tonight or Wednesday and be back on schedule for Thursday's comic. I'm just too stressed out to do anything worth reading today.
Kurt I did it on purpose.