Tesladyne is a company founded by Robo in the pulp action comic, Atomic Robo. Employing many prospective scientists everyday, Tesladyne is the leading developer and researcher in fringe science and technology. There is not a day when nothing happens in their establishment, as new discoveries are made and incidents that need resolution, making up the most of Robo's adventures througout his time. Prior to its expansion, Tesladyne's premises began in a small office the Empire State Building. As interest grew and connections were made throughout the years under Robo's leadership, Tesladyne grew as a large company that it is now today, situated on an island off the coast of New England.


When Tesla Heavy Industries was first founded by Nikola Tesla, the company developed experimental devices and weapons and found new ways to manipulate electricity. One of those experimental weapons was the Lightning Gun which is now a trademark weapon of Robo and his team of Action Scientists. When Tesla died from a lab explosion in 1943, Robo founded the company, which at that point was merely a corporate safeguard for Tesla's patent documents and assets while he fought in World War II.

After the war, Robo began to grow the company from the ground-up, hiring salesmen to sell their technology, which was mostly rejected by most clients due to the absurdity of the designs and the outward theoretical functionality of their inventions. This would be considered as the darker days of Tesladyne, as they weren't making much profit during those years. Most of the company's success later came from resolving unusual scientific incidents such as paranormal entities and giant monsters, to which many calls were made for this service. The interest towards the company grew from there, and as of the near 21st century, Tesladyne has hired many prospective scientists who wish to have a safe environment to research theories on the outer ranges of normal science. In turn many of these scientists are recruited into the Action Scientists League to accomapany Robo in field work, as well as fighting scientific weirdness.

Prior to its expansion, Tesladyne's premises began in a small office in the Empire State Building, leasing more spaces as the company grew throughout the years. The questionable research being done caused a lot of disturbances to occur, often disturbing and spreading much of the danger to other offices and the townspeople working in Manhattan. After the September 11 attacks to the World Trade Center, Tesladyne agreed with the state of New York to move out of the building to resettle at a heavily-modified Titan Missle Base in an uninhabited island off the coast of New England.