The Dreadful
The Dreadful – 002
Nice hat.
Nice hat.
Date Published Friday February 25th, 2011
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I ain't helping neither. She got horns.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Kit
  • Judge Catherine (first appearance)
  • Background voices (one named Gabe) (first appearance)


  • A town.


The horned girl with a tail is lying on the floor after being shot, while background voices start murmering.
Voice 1 A kid got shot!
Voice 2 That Kit girl?
Voice 3 I ain't helpin'. You see them horns on her?
Voice 4 Ev'rbody stand back!
Judge Catherine is comin' to take a look!
Voice 5 Aww, quit hollerin', Gabe.
A woman, dressed in black with a hat, walks up to the girl.
Judge Catherine Excuse me.
Voice 6 She ain't too far gone, is she Judge?
Judge Catherine No.
She can be saved.
Judge Catherine picks her up.
Judge Catherine I've seen worse cases.
Given her situation she is about as well off off as she could hope to be.