The Dreadful
The Dreadful – 004
I wonder if she likes him.
I wonder if she likes him.
Date Published Friday March 4th, 2011
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She sure makes a good agent.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Muttonchops
  • Kit
  • Poe (mentioned only)
  • Bob (first appearance)


  • Office
  • Tavern


Muttonchops Your sister's security depends on her actions.
As does yours.
Threaten me or my agents and I will have you thrown in prison.
Is that understood?
Kit imagines adding "Muttonchops" to her enemy list.
Kit Y-Yessir!
Muttonchops Better.
Your work for us begins tomorrow,
"Agent" Kit.
...Four days later
Kit is in a tavern talking to the barkeep and drinking.
Kit Detectivin' is tough when you're an infamous gunslinger like I am, Bob.
I'm too intimidating and no one'll gimme solid answers.
Bob Ya sure ya ain't just bad at askin'?
Kit ...
It is hard t' think in here...
I am goin' outside t' get some air.