The Dreadful
The Dreadful – 009
Smoking makes ya evil.
Smoking makes ya evil.
Date Published Tuesday March 22nd, 2011
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An enemy revealed.

Cast Appearing[]

  • Elizabeth Napier
  • Kit


  • Just outside of Liz's hideout.


Liz is speaking behind a door.
Liz Cordial? You got your gun out.
Kit Well, last time we were together I kinda got shot multiple times.
Makes a girl cautious.
Door opens, revealing Liz.
Liz I didn't try to kill you.
That oughta be obvious seeing how you're still alive.
Kit Barman saw you hurry out the back after the shots went off, Liz.
Liz So I was inside when you was shot outside.
Them are your facts?