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The Dreadful
The Dreadful – 012
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Date Published Friday April 8, 2011
Previous Comic The Dreadful – 011
Next Comic Not yet written
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Kit becomes an assassin.

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  • Just outside of Liz's hideout.


Liz"Pig herder"?
You really think MacGrath'd hire someone like me to be a pig herder?
Kit(Smirking) I got an idea what you do.
It partially helped me find ya.
LizThe other partial anything to do with who you with?
You still killin' people for money.
KitYou payin'?
LizI'm sellin'.
LizThem few answers gonna cost ya.
Kit(Angrilly) I ain't killin' some farmer who hasn't paid their protection money, Liz.
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