Atomic Robo
The Getaway
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The Getaway
Date Published Saturday, July 31, 2010
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Robo stops yet another gang of crooks...

Cast Appearing[]


  • Nevada, Highway 50. Middle of nowhere


The Getaway
A car is driving through the highway.
Redhead Agent I'm tellin' you. I heard a chopper.
Middle-Aged Agent You're being paranoid. They were so busy stopping the ants they didn't have time to even think about who could've done it.
Middle-Aged Agent We got the data Command wanted on their response times and methods.
Middle-Aged Agent This was a big job for us and for Delphi. It was a success. That's not going to go unnoticed.
Robo comes crashing down the front of the car, sending it flying, as well as breaking the asphalt.
Lang (via radio) Dammit, Robo. You have got to stop jumping out of moving aircraft. It's a bad habit.
Robo We were low...ish.
Robo looks around when the car lands on its wheels, but the front torn off. The agents appear visibly dazed. Robo approaches them. They take out their guns.
Robo Let's get one thing straight. I can see the heat signature from your spatial inversion matrix. It's in the trunk. So, when I ask you about it, it's only going to annoy me if you lie about it. Okay?
The agents shoot Robo through the window. Robo shields himself with his arms.
Robo Oh, come on.
They run out of bullets...
Robo (pointing to the chopper above) What did you think that would accomplish? I fell out of the sky!
Both agents take out suicide pills and attempt to ingest it.
Robo What're-- Spit those out!
Agents *urgle*
Robo Stop that! Bad covert agents, no suicide pills for you.
Agent Owf!
Robo Eaugh, don't bite me. Is that... you're bleeding all over my finger now, real nice.
Lang Is everything okay down there, Robo?
Robo (examining a pill) Oh, we're great. Come on down. You can meet Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb.