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The Lizard Man
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The Lizard Man
Date Published Tuesday, August 10, 2010
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Curiosity almost killed three young hikers.

Cast Appearing[]


  • 1999, Taravai Island


A whole shot of the island is shown.
Under Taravai Island
Three hikers are running through a metal hallway.
White Hiker We lost it! I think we lost it!
Female Hiker Then let's find the way out before it finds us again.
The three attempt pull open each door they see. The white hiker manages to open one door.
White Hiker C'mon!
They enter a dark, abandoned cafeteria. The white hiker falls backward.
Female Hiker What the hell is that thing, a lizard man?
White Hiker Oof!
Black Hiker No such thing. Dinosaur.
Female Hiker Oh. Sure. Dinosaur. That's way more likely.
Black Hiker At least dinosaurs used to exist.
White Hiker Guys? Look over there.
In the distance is a decorative display of a nice, hot chicken, with a pot of soup and gravy.
Female Hiker No dinosaur could have made this meal...
Dr. Dinosaur is hiding behind the kitchen door, with a combat knife and SMG. He is wearing a chef's hat.
Dr. Dinosaur Yes. Move closer to the disgusting wonderful food. Ever closer...
White Hiker AAAAAHHH!
Female Hiker
Black Hiker
As the hikers ran, Dr. Dinosaur crashed through the wall beside the door in pursuit.
Dr. Dinosaur Fools!
White Hiker AAAAAHHH!
Black Hiker
Dr. Dinosaur I have mastered the thirty-six hideous culinary arts of humankind! Your decadent society broadcasts all manner of ghastly food preparations!
White Hiker AAAAAHHH!
Female Hiker
Black Hiker
White Hiker Duck!
Dr. Dinosaur rams his head through one of the metal doors.
Dr. Dinosaur Trickery!
White Hiker Now run!
White Hiker AAAAAHHH!
Female Hiker
Black Hiker
Dr. Dinosaur humorously gets caught between two trees with the metal door still on him.
Dr. Dinosaur GRRRAAAAH!
Dr. Dinosaur The shoddy craftsmanship of your civilization's construction industry saved you this day!
He continues to shoot and miss at the hikers.
Female Hiker Almost there!
Black Hiker Less talk, more run!
The three speed off on an inflatable motorboat.
Dr. Dinosaur But ultimately it shall be your undoing!
Female Hiker Go, go, go!
Dr. Dinosaur Soon, as there's a flood or an earthquake!
Now to build a floodquake machine.