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Lobster Mk 2
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Date Published Monday, September 28, 2009
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Atomic Robo and Emerson Wild join forces to fight a monster.

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  • A factory in New York City, August 2009


August, 2009, NYC
View a scene of an old factory.
Emerson Wild (from a phone, to Robo) Robo?
Cut to Robo.
Robo I'm here, I'm here.
Emerson Wild (phone) Okay, sorry. It's just... it's huge.
Robo So you said. Where are you by the way?
Cut to Emerson, hiding behind a pipe.
Emerson Wild In a tactically significant location.
Robo (phone) So, you're hiding from it.
Cut to Robo and a large monster with yellow eyes and two noses.
Emerson Wild (phone) I'm hunting it. You don't just walk up to a monster. There's stealth and guile and--
Robo Found it.