Atomic Robo
The Yonkers Devil
Earth-shattering bellows are sure to give anyone the chills...
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Date Published Tuesday, September 29, 2009
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Emerson takes Robo's arrival for granted.

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  • A factory in New York City, August 2009


Emerson WildOh, thank God!
Robo(examining the monster) You called me to help out with this? I mean, okay, he's big and weird-looking, but it's about as aggressive as a cow.
And probably half as smart.
Emerson Wild(phone) Robo, this thing's dangerous. It can bite through an engine block like an apple.
Robo(phone) What's that noi--are you...are you whizzing?
Emerson WildI was stuck in there for like nine hours, man.
Robo(phone) Tactically, right?
Emerson Wild(phone) Being safe and alive is totally a tactic.
RoboAnyway, when you're done there--
Yonkers Devil WAAARGH!
The monster's bellow startles Robo.
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