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Turkey 01
I am thankful for comic scripts!
I am thankful for comic scripts!
Food Goes in Here
Date Published Saturday, November 24th, 2001
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In this interlude, the Light Warriors celebrate Thanksgiving.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Woodland
  • Kitchen


In honor of the festival of devouring, proudly presents
An 8-Bit Christmas Thanksgiving
Cut to Red Mage and a turkey in a forest.
Red Mage I picked out the turkey. He has a tasty score of +5/+5!
Turkey Gobblblble!
Cut to Thief and a feast.
Thief I stole this entire feast for its fixin's. And its attendees. For slave labor. Suckers!
Cut to Black Mage in a kitchen, cooking a turkey.
Black Mage I cooked the turkey with Fire-3 set to volcanic for 6 seconds.
It was dead for the last five.
Cut to Fighter with various designs of swords behind him.
Fighter I cut the turkey due to my extensive expertise in the use of sharp stabby thingies.
Plus, it gave me the chance to try out my newest idea: sword-knives! They work even better than it sounds.
Cut to the dinner table.
Red Mage I am thankful for stat bonuses.
Black Mage I am thankful for my evil powers.
Thief I am thankful for gullible and trusting people.
Fighter I am thankful for shiny stuff.
Brian Clevinger And I'm thankful for my legion of readers
Cut to Brian's legion of readers, all of which wearing the same t-shirt design as Brian's sprite.


This comic was done in JPEG format.