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Old Robo Recreation[]

After having gone through a lot of research, I decided I'd take a shot at a game called City of Heroes. Based on the old blog that Brian created in 2006 and threw away sometime after, the old Robo's model was based on the character models created when making a hero in the game. With this in mind, I thought I'd recreate the character and take a few screenshots.

The result was a complete pain in the ass. Quite frankly, City of Heroes is a retarded third-rate MMO that really bogs down my computer. Maybe I'm just not an MMO person, but the game took fairly long to load, and when I installed the client, it took about a full day or so before the update completed. Playing the game was another thing, because I have little to no experience with full-scale MMOs. I may seem biased, but the controls were confusing, and the movement was awkward. The battle system was ok, though...even if it doesn't seem like a big deal.

I know another game that's a clone on this one called Champions Online. Coincidence, because a friend decided to dabble on this game the same day I decided to do this little thing. It didn't appeal to me. Heck, what I first thought was engaging turned out to be a rather boring experience for CoH...

But anyways, I'm ranting now, so without further ado, here are some screenshots of the old Robo, which I pieced together based on a lot of salvaged images online...

Corroborate this with a bunch of shooped images newspaper clippings made a long time ago by Clevinger...

If you look closely on Google Images when you search for Atomic Robo fanart, you will see at least two images of this model. One is a paining, and one is a crossover picture with some guy's character named Sir Reginald.


P.S.: According to a number of interviews that Brian went to (can't remember where), he said Robo was a Level 50-something Energy Blaster.