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Hello! I am Jeppo! If I'm honest with you, I've only started reading 8-Bit Theater since December 2008 and yet I must admit it is quite good. So when I found about Sardapedia from the FFWiki (which is also the place where I found out about 8-Bit Theater) I decided to come here. As well as the aforementioned FFWiki, I very occasionally the Looking For Group wiki. To date I have read up to Episode 360.)

I have played and beaten the original Final Fantasy (the PSX Origins version, not the NES version, since a) FF didn't release in Europe and b) I don't even own an NES) and I called the Warrior (as he was called in Origins) after my nickname, Jeppo. This is why my talk template whenever I decide to make it will have the Knight (upgrade of Fighter/Warrior) image.

Right now (well maybe not right at this very second!) I'm setting about expanding and improving the Comic Script pages on Sardapedia. This is a massive job, especially since each episode takes about 30 minutes to do so I appreciate all the help I get.

My website

So... bye!

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