Ignore the last thing written here. It was just going to link you to bad stuffs. Like rickrolling and pron and stuff. Yeah. That's what it did. Now, what to replace it with... Oh! I know!


masterConjurer(talk); //07:16, January 14, 2010 (UTC)

Talk Bubble History[]

Master Conjurer - "Crap, piss, kill!"
TALK - That is, in fact, a declaration of intent.
My first talk bubble for the Sardapedia, which betrays my love of random violence while still displaying sophistication.


masterConjurer(talk); //not exactly mortal
This is my second—and probably last—talk bubble. Warmech ish teh awesome.


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i:ŋ ðɪs ju:zər prəfʌrz fənεtɪk spεliːŋz, laɪk ðoʊz faʊnd ɪn ðə ɪntərnæʃənəl fənεtɪk ælfəbεt.
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