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Vacation '04 #2
Nope, not weird at all.
Nope, not weird at all.
"It won't get weird."
Date Published Monday May 17th, 2004
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Lies! All lies!

Cast Appearing[]


  • Some place with Black Mage and White Mage


Black Mage White Mage, do you think I could have a moment of your time?
White Mage No. You disgust me every time you speak.
Black Mage But I-
White Mage Or act.
Black Mage It would just-
White Mage Even your breathing has this strange wheezing quality that grates on my nerves.
Black Mage Come on, pleeeeeease? Its my birthday and I just wanna try an experiment
Could you just bare with me for a few minutes?
White Mage Oh, all right.
Black Mage Good, then turn around while I get ready.
White Mage How long is this going to take?
This better not be something weird.
Black Mage Don't worry, baby.
It won't get weird.
But the hat stays on.
Your turn!


  • A period (.) was missing from Black Mage's first line in the second panel.
  • In the same panel, Black Mage used the wrong word (correct would be "bear"), but this could have been a pun or happened accidentally.
  • The comic title was originally "Guest Strip: Oh, I'm a Dirty Drity Man" with "dirty" misspelled.