8-Bit Theater
Vacation 2003 no. 5
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Chromatic Discussion
Date Published August 29, 2003
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A Guest Comic by Jason 'Q-Tip' Jeffers while Brian Clevinger takes some time off.

Cast Appearing[]


A Field somewhere.


Fighter RM, there's a question I've been meaning to ask you.
Red Mage Ask away.
Fighter Why are you a Red Mage?
Red Mage I chose to be a Red Mage because it brings out the color in my eyes.
Fighter That's not it. I mean, why is your brand of magery dubbed 'red' magic?
Fighter Black Mage's name is pretty self explanitory,
Black Mage It's the color of my wretched soul.
Fighter As is White Mage's.
White Mage I volunteer regularly at the YWCA.
Fighter But the combination of the two schools doesn't seem very aptly named.
A math problem is shown: Black plus White equals Not Red.
Thief Wow. Fighter has a valid point. I'm shocked.
Black Mage As am I.
Red Mage Shocked, you say? Well, prepare to get grounded!
Thief (holding a "0" card) Pitiful.
Black Mage (holding a "-1" card} Just die.
Fighter (holding a "-4" card upsidedown) I don't get it.
Red Mage Humorless ingrates.
Red Mage Your problem, dear Fighter, is that you assume that magic operates under the same principals as visible light or pigment. That's simply not the case. The colors of magic are colors that cannot be seen by the human eye or visualized without intense traning and study.
Some of Red Mage's ensuing line is covered by the others talking.
Red Mage The alchemy of White and Black Magic to make Red Magic is a complex thing that a [...] has to study for years and years to fully comprehend and master. Why, I've [...] the subject [...] my life, and [...] know that at this point I [...] paying [...] there [...]
Thief BM, is any of this even remotely true?
Black Mage Not one bit.
Fighter I forgot what we were talking about.
Black Mage We were discussing the finer points of stabbing RM in the face.
Fighter Oh yeah...
Fighter ...I like swords.